A woman’s letter to her husband

This is article which is A woman’s letter to her husband which will teach you lesson.Every husband should read this article.

After cohabitation, He became emotional in a sleepy moment and asked her, “Do you want anything ??”

Tara was shocked by such an unexpected question. Why is a man who has not even asked for plain water in his 40 years of life asking such questions today ??

Because today he realized. Freed from the illusion of how easily the boat of his life passed, he realized that the boatman was his wife.

She said, rolling her spectacles behind her wrinkled ears.

“Yes, I wanted a lot, but at the right time, what can I ask for at this age?”

Married and came to this house, only you were close as a man of rights .. but you never have time to talk or like to spend time with me constantly your friends, relatives and siblings. you have a wife.she has some mental needs. I wanted to get some mental warmth from you.

Everyday I used to doing housework, meals, snacks, water, as per their wish. I needed it at that time, if only I had thought of 2 words, I would have fulfilled my responsibilities with happiness for the next 40 years.

When everyone in your house used to sit on one side and attack me. They used to taunt me alone.

When I was pregnant, my parents were relieved of their responsibilities, but you left me to take care of them. In those 9 months, you should spend time with me. You should talk to your baby.

I am graduate. I also want to do something in carrer. Then I needed inspiration, I need your support. What should I ask after everything is over today ?

I wanted you to lighten my load while running after children, waving your life for them, then the wounds of the body that were torn are still the same .How will the wounds be wiped away today when that time has passed ???

I hid the injustice done in the name of the world… You will not get any punishment, who am I to punish you ? But the record that you have wasted a woman’s life by wasting your life under your needs.

A woman’s letter to her husband ….

Reasonable expectation ….

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