About Us

Curious To Know About My Techno Friend And My Experience With Blogging?

Hello Friends,

I am Pranav Divekar the founder of My Techno Friend.

I am an Mechanical Engineer but I am Blogger by passion.

I have been writing articles and creating Youtube videos since August 2016.

I am content writer and I like to write about Government procedure, Travel guide, Finance articles.

Our values

  1. Informative Content
  2. Positive approach
  3. Transperncy
  4. Consistently

Our team

  1. Pranav – Contel writer & Founder
  2. Sushil – Research
  3. Sushank – Content writer

My Youtube channel

We recently completed 12.5k+ Subscribers, if you haven’t subscribed us, this is the right time to join our channel.


Let me tell you about my Blogging social media channels ,which is my family.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/mytechnofriend

Twitter – https://twitter.com/mytechnofriend