Jamtara: The fraudulent calls you get from banks come from this village

In this article is about Jamtara: The fraudulent calls you get from banks come from this village. Internet frauds are increasing in India.

Netflix has a web series called Jamtara. This series, which is based on a village in India, is worth watching. But in reality, if you watch a documentary on this village and read the news and compare it with the series, the series will feel like the tip of the iceberg. Actually this part is of a more compact type than that.

Jamtara is part of the state of Jharkhand. District named. In fact, it is a smaller village than the one in our taluka. It is surrounded by forests, rivers, swamps, and small hills. Another feature of this part is,

Out of the total cyber crimes in the country, 80% cyber crimes are operated from here. It is from this rural, semi-educated area that cybercrime takes place.

What is the Jamtara case?

About 80 per cent of cyber crimes in the country are handled from here. The game is played at home here. Baap and Porga. Mother and brother-in-law, brother-in-law, the whole family are involved in the business of fraud. The capital for that is thousands of bogus SIMs. This business is run on one page of mobile number and only one mobile.

In the past, work was done sitting at home. But after coming on the police radar, a group of two or four people sit in the forest and play the game. The tip that the police came to find was to take advantage of hiding in the woods. Therefore, thieves here are never caught by the police. That is why no matter how many search operations are carried out, this game is going on smoothly.

What is the method?

The call is made from a mobile. You may also get phone calls many times saying that your SIM card is blocked. If you want to get started, do what we tell you. These calls are made from here across the country. If you do, your SIM card is blocked. It is asked if you want to start. As soon as you say yes, the number on your SIM card is asked. A CVV number is then requested. Before 2014, of course, there was no two-factor system for online transactions.

This means that the OTP number was not coming on your mobile to give confirmation. In this case, only card details are taken and money is withdrawn in your name. Even then the question is asked as to tell the OTP. After saying that there is a phone call from the bank, many people are free to say the number without any hesitation and in a few moments a big zero comes on your account.

Then where does this money go.

The money that was fraudulently transferred to you goes to the account of a fraudster in the village of Jamtara. But they don’t go straight. Those who make such calls do not provide your account number. What they do is work on a commission basis with local people. The money flows into their account. They take twenty percent of it and 80 percent of you. The other person’s account is used only to prevent the police from reaching you. He is happy because the next person gets 20% of the house.

When did the Jamtara pattern come into existence?

In fact, the police have not been able to say for sure when the game started. But it all went on for five to seven years. Jamtara is in such a triangle of Dhanbad Kolkata Patna Ranchi. This district in Jharkhand. Poverty has reached fifth place from the very beginning. Huts can be seen everywhere.

Two brothers named Mandal discovered the technique of online fraud. The whole area got involved in this, holding one and holding the other and holding the third.

How is the jamtara effect ?

You will know if you watch the documentary below. Now, mansions have been erected here from Rs 80 lakh to Rs 1 crore each. Easily one has eight million goals scored. One Porga makes one and a half to two hundred phone calls a day. Sometimes five to ten lakhs a day. From that, luxury cars came here and mansions were built. Everyone is rich here.

What is special is that all the boys in it are fifth and tenth fail, but they are known as masters in the online sector.

So what do the police do ?

What will the police do? So let’s say your money went online. So you file a case at your village police station. The call you receive is then tracked. That call came from the same group. If the police are ready, they will reach here. But how exactly are the accused in this forest? They cannot be found even by going to the address where they live. Because such kids are underground 24 hours a day. To say no, the police kill time by confiscating the vehicles at the door. Nothing happens and cannot happen beyond this.

Now I want to read from this.

The best solution is not to give your card details to anyone on the phone under any circumstances. Now a simple question comes to you from the bank. The front says your card is blocked and the top takes the details from you. If he is talking to the bank, he should know that your card is blocked, then he should also know the card number. But usually we don’t have such questions.

After saying yes from the bank, we simply say things. And gets trapped. Therefore, things like card, card number, OTP should not be shared with anyone. That’s all there is to it.

If you find this post difficult to understand, then you should definitely watch the web series Jamtara, you will understand everything soon.

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