Life story of DS Kulkarni

Toaday, We will see the Life story of DS Kulkarni, Famous Builder in Pune.We often hear about people who spontaneously become famous overnight. But are there any examples of sudden publicity when there is no meditation?

It is true that the person became famous spontaneously, but overnight, his glory and prestige began to decline. When I was in college, I thought of seeing the letters “DSK” on a Toyota car. What do the letters mean? My friends didn’t know anything about it. The teachers at the place where I was going to learn computer would sometimes tell me motivational stories. Listening to his speeches on YouTube, I started to consider him as a role model.

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Journey from scratch to winning the world

D. S. Kulkarni attributes his success to his mother and wife Hemanti. The mother inherited the hardships and Hemanti took charge of 16 of the 18 businesses and reassured them. He has great respect for all femininity. Hemanti tai appreciates every virtue of DSK. This is the success story of this couple, who cared for a large family of two and a half lakh congregations from Pune to America competently and kindly.

Deepak Sakharam Kulkarni alias DSK’s journey from Kasba Peth, Pune to New Jersey on the strength of determination and self-confidence proves the truth of the motto “Strength of determination, Tuka means the same fruit.” The term ‘man who gives home to the house’, ‘creation of the world from scratch with immense perseverance’ became the identity of DSK today.

DSK, who has built an empire worth Rs 1,600 crore by driving a Chanyaphutanya car, selling carriages, sacks, alarms, laying paper lines, and making telephone calls, credits his success to his mother and wife. “My mother gave me a legacy of hard work and my wife, Hemanti, took care of 16 of our 18 businesses and reassured me,” he said. At the same time, she has been able to finance the entire DSK Group financially.

Starting of DSK

Both of them are very fond of DSK Super Infocomm International Campus, an international educational institution on the Pune-Solapur road. This is a beautiful building standing in a grand area of ​​20 acres. DSK got got collaboration with a quality educational institution in France. It is highly advance teaching of animation, product design and video game making. This is starting of Life story of DS Kulkarni.

Hemantitai has been instrumental in setting up this college, which offers students countless design opportunities, from Nike shoes to Ferrari cars. His wife told “DSK and I don’t agree with the saying that a mole should be shared by seven people or spread one’s legs by looking at the bed,” . Children should dream of flying in the sky. Students do not happen in the current education system, only book Worms are formed. In order to change this situation and create at least 100 DSKs, we have squandered Rs 250 crore earned from other businesses. Now after 7/8 years, its fruits are starting to appear. Many of the students who come out of here today are working in big positions around the world. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

DSK Entertainment made an animated film called ‘Sabrina’ in 2013 under the guidance of Hemantitai. He has received a world-renowned Emmy Award. When the animated series first aired on Hub Television in the United States, its TRP Was in the first five.

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Dream project of DSK

DSK’s new Rs 30,000 crore project ‘Dreamcity Project’ is also magnificent.He has plan of 300 acre eco friendly city. City is connected by a river and claims to have the best service in the world. Olympic standard facilities for 36 sports like Hong Kong tram, Canadian boats, London bicycles, high fountains like Dubai, gardens, cricket, football, tennis .. and many more. The reaction on Hemantitai’s face without talking about this project .. ‘This man decided to pick up the bow.

DSK Vishwa had announced a gift scheme for those who booked on a special day during the sales campaign of a housing project located on a hill far from Pune. It contained many gifts, from washing machines to cars. DSK had earlier handed over a check for Rs 2.5 crore equal to the total prize money to avoid any confusion among the customers as to whether they would actually get the prizes or not.

In case of non-receipt of the prize, the consumer was given the right to reciprocate. Pethe need to wait three years after the prize was distributed. But he decided not to launch complaint. the consumer court made order to honore DSK and gave the refund of the amount.

Durgamata project

Describing DSK’s perseverance and skill in connecting people, Hemantitai gave an example of her ‘Durgamata’ project in the Cuff Parade area of ​​Mumbai. While building this luxurious building, they had to work harder to occupy the space. He got this place after 12 years of continuous loving pursuit. On the right hand side, Dhirubhai Ambani’s luxurious building, helipad, gateways and all over Mumbai, this magnificent 32 storey ‘Durgamata Towers’ project got award of ‘CNBC’.

Awaaz’s Best Project Award in India The inauguration of the tower not only felicitated the flat owners as usual but also invited those who had given their seats and wished them well. Maintaining goodwill is the most important .Numerous experiences show DSK’s personality. You read Principal Sham Bhurke’s book.

The best that can be done. ‘This is the focus of the entire DSK family. The world famous Toyota company has won 14 out of 20 awards given to date on the three criteria of sales, customer satisfaction and excellent service.

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Journey from Rich to poor again

Builder D. in case of fraud of depositors. S. Kulkarni was arrested from Delhi. Financial Crime Branch of Pune Police took this action. DS Kulkarni had sought a time limit from time to time from the High Court to repay the depositors. The court had also slapped DSK saying that people sleep happily by drowning people’s money. The court told there is no faith on DSK. Court gave warning to DSK . DS Kulkarni repeatedly promised that he would raise money through crowdfunding, no matter what happens. However, he failed to pay in court. They also failed to keep their promises.

Thus DSK’s journey from zero came to a halt again.

Do you like Life story of DS Kulkarni, Famous Builder in Pune. Rag to riches and Riches to Rag.

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