Rules for good and healthy sleep

We have seen many people have problem of sleep. Some people suffer from Isonomia because of bad sleeping habits. Good sleep is very important for health.Today, We will see some rules for sleep.

Sleep rules:

  1. Do not sleep in a house under construction  and don’t sleep alone in a broken house . You should not sleep in temples and cemeteries.
  2. Never wake up sleeping person suddenly. Let he or she complete sleep. You can speak or tell your work ,when he or she wakes up .
  3. Students, servants and gatekeepers should wake up if they have slept for a long time.
  4. If you want a healthy body, you should get up at Brahma Muhurta ie time between 5 and 7 in the morning. Do not sleep in a room completely dark. There must be small lamp or light source.

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  1. Don’t sleep with wet feet. If you sleep with dry feet, you get the blessings of Mother Lakshmi. Do not sleep on a broken bed and  do not sleep with your covered face. It may result in suffocation.
  2. Don’t sleep naked.
  3. If you sleep with your head facing east, You will get knowledge, progress in education. When you sleep with your head facing west, It will result in severe anxiety.If you sleep with your head facing north, you lose money and Fear of death remains. If you sleep with your head facing south, wealth and age increase.
  1. Never sleep during the day. But seniors can sleep 1 hour 48 minutes in the afternoon. Sleeping during the day causes illness and decreases age. Try to sleep early at night and wake up early.
  2. A person who sleeps during the day and at sunrise and sunset becomes poor and helpless. Do not become lazy. Do yoga or exercise to overcome laziness.

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  1. Everyone should sleep after three hours of sunset.
  2. Sleeping on the left side is beneficial for health.
  3. Never sleep with your feet facing south. Is the abode of Yama and the evil deity. This fills the ears with ominous air. As a result, blood circulation in the brain decreases, memory decreases, death and many other diseases occur.
  4. Do not lie with your hands on your heart and your feet on the floor below the beam.
  5. Do not Eat & drink when you are sitting on the bed. It is inauspicious.
  6. Do not read while sleeping. This will reduce the brightness of the eyes.
  7. It is inauspicious to sleep with tilak on the forehead. Remove tilak at bedtime. Before going to sleep, Wash your face .

Follow these 14 rules leads to be healthy and Live longer life.

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Author of this article is “Pranav Divekar”.

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