Narendra modi gave Twenty lakh crore rupees package

In this article,We will discuss about Narendra modi gave Twenty lakh crore rupees package.This package is helpful for farmers,businessman ,common people.


This announcement of the Hon’ble Prime Minister must have dried up the throat of the whole world. Because the Prime Minister of India has shown the world that we are aware of the importance of running a business as much as health. I would say ‘the right decision at the right time, the right appeal in the right words’. It is not possible for the head of any world superpower at this moment to say what the Prime Minister said in very suggestive terms. It is a great shock to the world that the Prime Minister of India should make this announcement at a time when all the major countries of the world are in a state of bizarre uncertainty.

This is not just Rs 20 lakh crore. Hon’ble Prime Minister gave us very revolutionary challenge. The challenge is self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency in everything from needles to medical devices.

I am a Maharashtrian, I am a Gujarati, I am a Bengali, I am a Punjabi, I am Bihari. This means that the sacrament of ‘discrimination is evil’ must now be adopted.

What he suggested ?

The Prime Minister suggests that it is very important to learn to earn one’s own bread by working at least 25 hours a week since becoming enlightened. Explain to yourself, “Where work is, there is evening,” without taking any work lightly, says the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister said that everyone from students to seniors should now stand up against laziness and inactivity.

Population migration is on a large scale, for what reason? The main reason is that employment has stopped. Now that measures have to be taken to re-employ them, this huge financial provision is for that. At the time of construction of Ramsetu, Khari had also given her share. Now the Prime Minister is suggesting that everyone should contribute hard, wisely.

On a practical level, the Corona fight must now be brought to fruition. So far he was only on a medical level. Now it must become a fight together. This work is not mine, why should I do this work after learning so much, it does not suit my instincts etc. I have to get ready by removing the stains.

In every state of our country, new, courageous entrepreneurs should be created and they should set foot firmly in every field. The big challenge is that every part of a mobile phone or every electronic device should be made in our own country. Small scale industries, self help groups have to do a lot. The use of unconventional energy sources will have to be greatly increased. Like food grains, we have to achieve 100 percent self-sufficiency in the medical field. Significantly reducing the number of paralyzed people in the economy is a challenge. Even those who have retired from actual work should take advantage of their knowledge and experience to work independently for some more time.

It is important to reduce pollution levels, but it is also important to decentralize pollution. We should work  on the unequal distribution of the population and on heterogeneity. This is what the Prime Minister is trying to suggest.

Work is Workship

The emphasis is on indigenous products. Your engineers should make a higher quality phone in your country than an iPhone. Indian youth should strive to get patents. Home-grown sugarcane should come forward and sell Puranpoli all over the world. Students from all over the world should feel the need to come here and learn, so much quality should be proved by the faculty. Translate Indian literature to all other languages in the world. There should be queues for Indian visas and it should not be easy to get them. If Chinese noodles and chappies are available even in a small village in India, then you have to go to every city in every country in the world and prepare to sell them. Opportunity is at the door, you need mental preparation.

The world should understand that we give the same reputation to both road cleaners and software cleaners. The dignity of the worker should be enhanced in the society. Not working, being inactive, being lazy, eating rectangular things should be considered very forbidden in the society. This is a very important change. Parents should abandon the phrase ‘Our baby is still young, how do you get him to work?’ Or ‘You don’t need to work, your father is strong enough to make money’.

Teach your children to be very simple and adopt a very simple way of life. Get in the habit of frugality. Start investing. If every family saves one rupee a day by accepting Swadeshi and deposits the same rupee in the bank, the International Monetary Fund will have to bow down to India. All the major entrepreneurs in the world will struggle to invest in you. All this is possible. Just need to change the mindset. Don’t even think of throwing flour on the dough. Don’t miss this time of solitude. Emphasize planning. Think of new ideas. Run your head. Ask an expert. Discuss and plan. This is much needed rather than rolling around watching miscellaneous news channels or  movies.

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