PM Modi destroyed Secret works of Manmohan singh

Why did Modi ji say that Manmohan Singh knows the art of bathing even in the bathroom by wearing a raincoat?

If you know this development, then you will also be convinced what a big player the so-called honest Manmohan Singh. After all, Amartya sen sitting in America criticizes the economic policies of the Indian government so much or in other words. Why does he keep shouting on Modi?

If you also want to satisfy your curiosity then read carefully and know why

In 2007, when the Nehru-Gandhi family’s most loyal “Dr. Manmohan Singh” was rising to the post of Prime Minister. He began work on a “Maha Yojana” to revive the once-world famous Nalanda University of Bihar .

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Appointment of Amartya sen

Dr. Manmohan Singh appointed Nobel Laureate “Dr. Amartya sen” as the first Chancellor of Nalanda University. They gave him all administrative powers. They were given so much autonomy that they had the right to spend any amount of money they wanted and make appointments etc. without any approval and accountability in the name of the university. Amartya sen have not kept any accounts of his work. . Government spent taxpayers money in his work.

Can you imagine how the  Manmohan Singh and Amartya sen together robbed the public’s hard earned money and tax money? That too, when Amartya sen was sitting in America and was drawing a monthly salary of Rs 5 lakh as constitutionally as the President of India, Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Chief Election Commissioner, Chiefs of Defense Forces, Cabinet Secretary or any bureaucrat. Not only this, Amartya sen also had the right to unlimited foreign trips and unlimited expenses along with many allowances. The story did not end here, but he spent a total of 2730 crores as chancellor of Nalanda University in the period of seven years from 2007 to 2014 by Manmohan’s grace.

Your eyes got teary-eyed.Can’t believe how big of a secret Manmohan Singh was in his robe of honesty?

Since there was no accountability for the expenses incurred by Amartya sen under the law passed by the UPA government, nor was there to be any audit nor any account was to be given to him, so the country may never know that 2007 Where did the hundred and thirty crore rupees go?

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Rahul Gandhi shouting

Rahul and Priyanka Vadra are shouting Rafale Rafale Everyday. She is one who became king from rank turned politician. She has the family legacy of organized robbery by wearing a legal gown. So that no matter how long the hands of the law are. They do not spoil anything.

Growing up in the same culture, there is not only a sense of self blame in both the brothers and sisters. But there is a gleam of shamelessness in their eyes, as with which mouth they talk about fighting for the rights of the poor, downtrodden, farmers and backwards. This is a farce.

The story is not over yet, the picture is yet to come –

The appointments made by Amartya sen Sen also cannot be questioned legally. What appointments did he make ?. Let us also know this –

The first four appointments he made were –

Dr. Upinder Singh

Anjana Sharma

Navjot Lahiri

Gopa Sabharwal

who were these people?

If you know, the mask will come off the face of Manmohan Singh.

Dr Upinder Singh is the eldest daughter of Manmohan Singh and the rest three are his close friends and associates.

Immediately after these four appointments, the next two appointments that Amartya sen made were that of guest faculty and they were –

Daman Singh

Amrit Singh

Who were these?

The first name is the middle daughter of Dr. Manmohan Singh and the second name is that of his youngest daughter.

And the most unique thing about Daman Singh and Amrit Singh is that both these “guest professors” never came to Nalanda University during their seven years of tenure but they sat in America as professors for seven consecutive years. She kept taking huge salary.

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The brief feature of Nalanda University during that period

The university had only one building, a total of 7 faculty members and some guest faculty members (who never came to Nalanda) were appointed, who were close and relatives of Amartya sen and Manmohan Singh. There were hardly even 100 students in the university, nor was there any major scientific research work in which heavy equipment or chemicals etc. were used.

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Then where did he go to Rs 2730 crore?

When Modi came to power and when he came to know about this legal loot. PM modi fired daughters of Amartya sen as well as Manmohan  from Government service.

Where did those go shout Rafale , Rafale go. They go to Bangkok for picnic? Where is the poor farmer’s wife ? Where is She now?. Her photos are not available Politician. Where have the self-styled thinkers of 49 mob lynchings gone? whose backs have not yet owed the favor of the prizes. Then there is still a lot of indifference in the eyes .

The game played by this Manmohan singh with his soulful silence, allowing his family and his Italian master to take full advantage of it. It  is enough to expose his clean face. 

 Today the same Amartya Sen is the biggest opponent of Modi ji and every time he gets a chance, he keeps trying to mislead the whole world about Modi ji. But work of PM Narendra modi speaks louder than words. Common people likes his work and honest efforts for betterment of people.

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