Story of very rich young businessman which teach you lesson

In this article, We will see Story of very rich young businessman which teach you lesson.Money is not everything in life.

Life of young businessman

Once a young businessman was speeding through his new luxury car when suddenly a large stone hit the door of his car. He erupted. He immediately braked & stopped the car, and pulled the car back to where the stone had come from.

Angrily, he got out of the car. There he saw a little boy. Angered, he approached him, grabbed him, pressed him against the wall, and asked,”Hey, what are you doing? You hit the rock. Do you have any idea how expensive my new car is? Do you know how much it will cost to repair it now?”

The boy nodded and said, “I’m sorry. What can I do? I asked how many people to stop but no one stopped. I didn’t know what to do. So I threw stones at your car.”

Tears were flowing from his eyes. His cheeks were wet. He pointed to a car parked nearby and cried.
“My older brother has fallen out of his wheelchair there. He is overweight. I can’t lift him up and put him in the wheelchair. Please help. Will you lift him up and put him in his wheelchair?”

It was difficult for the young businessman to control his emotions. He ran and picked up his brother who was lying on the floor and put him in the wheelchair. He tied his handkerchief to his scratched hand. Tears welled up in the little boy’s cheeks.

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Incident that changed life

The boy said thank you,”You ran like God and helped me. God bless you. I thank you.”

The little boy’s face lit up with joy when he saw his brother sitting on the chair.

He pushed his chair and took his brother home And The unidentified businessman also returned to his car with heavy steps and started on his way.

The big bang on the door of the businessman’s car was attracting people’s attention.
Yet he kept it that way. Never corrected.

Just to remember forever the lesson he learned on this occasion!

He said “Never run so fast in life that you have to get someone’s attention by throwing stones to stop you.”

To refer to this in today’s age .”You’re the businessman driving the car.”That expensive luxury car is our fast paced life and lifestyle today.The boy sitting in that wheelchair is our environment and the earth suffering the wounds of exploitation.”

And”That stone is today’s … corona virus that nature has thrown at us to get our attention”. “Sensitivity must be maintained for the happy coexistence of all creatures on earth.”

“We have to keep an eye on the pace of our lives.”

“We also need to consider our priorities in life.”

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