Story of Grandfather and grandson

Hi friends, Today we will see Story of Grandfather and grandson will teach you lesson.


Grandfather used to come to the garden every day with his grandson. He would become a permanent fielder cum bowler for him and let him bat when he was tired.

Tired of playing cricket, his grandfather would become a horse and his five-year-old grandson would ride on his back and take him around the lawn. Then both of them got tired that grandfather used to take him close and listen to some story.

“Then such a big monster came …” Grandpa used to paint things with his face like a monster.

“And then he killed the monster and took the prince and the princess safely and he ruled for many years.” Every day he would be happy with a new thing. As planned, he used to stand at the door of Bhel and Panipuri seller in garden.

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Eating out with grandson

“Grandpa, dry puri.” The grandson ordered that Grandpa would eat a plate of chili panipuri and his grandson would eat only a plate of dry puri.
Then Grandpa would take a handkerchief from his pocket, wipe his mouth, and take a small bottle out of the bag and put it in his mouth. If he has enough water left over, we will drink a sip and take him by the hand and he will disappear into the darkness in the other alley.

Many people were satisfied to see that unconditional love and the baby of that grandson. Those whom Jamal had started bringing their grandchildren and those who could not, they were chatting with their grandchildren by making extra phone calls – some from city grandchildren, some from village and some from across the ocean.

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Grandfather came alone

Grandpa was alone that day. Seeing them alone, the daily viewers were more uneasy than them. Just like when a beautiful fountain suddenly stops or a gust of wind suddenly stops, when a melodious lacquer goes to the top bar, the radio is really in the middle.

“Grandpa is alone today. No grandson?”

Grandpa just smiled. After wandering in the garden for a while, he lingered a little with the children playing on the bed .. The wrinkled mustache moved a little .He threw a couple of balls to the children and left.

He met the usual Bhelwala at the door but today he did not take any hot panipuri. His footsteps slipped into the next darkness.

“Give me a sevpuri .Put less shave in it and add a little more onion.keep the spicy medium” I told that mixed fear.

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Interaction with bhel wala

“Take this, sir, your less shave, more onion and medium red chili shevpuri.” The same fluent Marathi was hanging on my lining and speaking Hindi.

“That grandfather didn’t stop today. He plays well with his grandchildren and eats Panipuri on your car every day. Didn’t he have a grandson right today?” I expressed my discomfort

“He is not a grandson only friend friend. He is a boy in the front yard. Yesterday that boy went to military School . Once while stealing, his grandfather caught his father and his friend. The case went to the police. Seeing the poverty in the house, the grandfather withdrew his case. After hearing the good news and reassigning him, he enlisted in the army. He got married and left boy behind for years. That person returned from Kashmir in a tricolor. He got government help but took his wife and boy in his house. So boy and his mother live safely in his house. He cares for his mother like a child. “

“Then someone from grandfather’s own house ?”

“Survivors have been fighting the enemy on the border.It is not appropriate to make a ploy of the world with the idea of ​​throwing the enemy into a maneuver.yet all the pension and time is spent on recovering the kids who are starting to fall off the rails ..”

“How do you know so much detail?”

“Sir, I am the second robber boy. Same god man gifted me this car to do business.”

The ugly patriotism that wakes up on 15th August and 26th January has made my eyes water somewhere.


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