Story of married Indian women

The Mom

Even today, she was eating alone. Husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law all had a meal and a layer of pots was formed in the basin. The two year old boy had run back for an hour and slept on floor. There was pain after working all day and running after the boy. Ants were coming from the feet. The weakness seemed to go away because of lot of work to be done.

It was a quiet long time without eating anything but a pile of pots was visible in front. It was necessary to eat some food. Even so, this pain was happening everyday .Who to understand ? Whether it was a fever, dizziness, or a tingling sensation in the arm, it was never a holiday. If I was sitting on my face because I was having some trouble with it, there would still be a rain of words in my pocket. No matter how much it was bothering her.

She used to start burning the stove for the cook food for her family with pain. It would fill the stomach so that it would sit in its place and fall asleep. It never occurred to anyone whether she wanted anything. She was at home, but no one was upset. Even though she could not stand up today, she ate a little and somehow washed the dishes and went to the boy’s side with all her preparations for tomorrow and leaned back on the ground.

Unknowingly it came out of her mouth and tears started flowing from her eyes. My mind began to wander around my mother. My mother used to run away to fill rice and vegetables in childhood. I used to hold my hand and sit in one place and tell many stories about pumpkin and moon. . As the day passed, I grew up, but my mother did not give up. I don’t want it, I want it..why give it like that, even when it was said, it bothered her a lot for dinner. But in the end, she did whatever she wanted . she went out on time and paid for food, but she never went to bed hungry.

Childhood memory

Once when there was a big quarrel with my friend, I was sitting and even when he was not eating, my mother had said, if you don’t eat, God will punish you, queen .but then I said in a frenzy, is my stomach yours ?? You eat for your stomach … If I don’t eat, will you stay hungry ? She drank water without saying anything and got up from the plate . I also grabbed her hand and sat her down.She fed me four hays and then ate it herself. No matter how hungry I was from that day until today, I ate because she didn’t want to go to bed hungry.

She cared for me in so many small things. While learning to eat, she used to shake her hand a little bit, but she used to shake it. I used to sit on my lap all night even though my limbs were hot. We used to be angry with her even though she was so golden . You don’t like it , you are like that . She always wanted to buy a dress for herself without buying a sari out of the money she had saved, but it was still a bit lacking that you would know my value only after I got married and left my mother. She was happier and sadder when it came to marriage.  she was crying while giving her hand in her husband’s hand. At the beginning of my new life, I did not know the meaning of her words, but gradually I began to understand better.

No matter how loving the husband or the rest of the in laws may be, they cannot take the place of the mother. No one asks if you have ever eaten or why you have not eaten. Nobody asks what you want to eat today or what you like. Mother, this is what I want today, but today I forget my own preferences and take care of everyone’s preferences. I hand over the formulas of my clothes and items to my mother and I bring everyone’s items here. Irritated as to why it didn’t happen on time, I follow the times of medicine with everyone’s meals. But I don’t see it anywhere. How many days have I not met you .I almost forgot to ask myself what I want.

After becoming Mom

Now that I am a mother myself, I know how the mother’s life breaks down for the child. Food in his stomach doesn’t go down my throat . I don’t see anything different beyond his happiness. But despite having so many people in the house
Every day when you are eating alone, when your limbs are aching, when you are eating, when you are eating your favorite food, when someone is hurting your heart, when you are looking for me, you come face to face. When there is no one to turn his hand over his head in despair and to fill ghee rice with love in sickness, the only thing I want to ask is why did you send books?

You taught your soul to fight this battle alone . Along with a strong woman, she also became a capable mother today, but even today she is your delicate, sweet, gentle daughter. At three o’clock in the evening, when the mind is restless in your memories.

This is a small attempt to put into words the story of every married Indian women.

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