Best advice for students

Today we will see What is the best advice for students?

Every student should remember these 5 important points.

This article is for Students who are hungry for knowledge and who want to acquire knowledge. In fact, all of us should have these five characteristics and qualities.

Crow joke

We all know the story of our childhood crow. There was a crow and when he was very thirsty, he was flying in search of water. After searching for a long time, the crow saw a jug of water, then the crow came down and stood on the side of the jug and peeked inside. He saw water in the clock, but the water in the clock was at the very bottom. The crow’s beak did not reach there. He had no other means of drinking water.

Now the crow began to think, what can he do to drink water? He came up with a great idea and he started looking for small stones around him and he grabbed one of the stones in his beak and started throwing it in the mud and the water started coming up slowly. The crow worked hard to pick up the stones one by one and throw them into the clock, until the water came to the edge of the clock, and finally the water came to the clock and then the crow drank water to quench its thirst.

The crow’s nest is in the context of the crow and we learn patience, hard work, and effort from it. This means that if you want to achieve success in real life, you have to go through a lot of hard work and effort. It is difficult to achieve success before or without hard work.

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When a heron stands on one foot on the bank of a river, it is fully focused on the water. The heron is watching the fish swimming in the water. Since the heron is not satisfied with the small fish. he ignores them. So, the small fish roam freely around the heron. The heron is waiting for the big fish to come into the water with concentration and attention.

If the heron settles on a small fish, it will lose the big fish, and if the heron wants a big fish, it will have to let the other small fish get close to it and let it roam freely.

In the same way, when we focus on what is important in life, we have to let go of other small things or ignore the small things. We should not be distracted by small things, because sometimes interpersonal problems and conflicts can arise, sometimes interpersonal crises can arise, sometimes financial crises can also arise, countless such things can happen in life. Let go of the little things or ignore the little things so we can focus on what is important to us.

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Dog sleep

We all know that when a dog is asleep, he is alert even if his eyes are closed. Even if there is a slight whisper or a faint noise around, or if Connie walks slowly past the dog, he immediately opens his eyes.

This means that those who want knowledge in their life and those who want to achieve something meaningful in life have to be alert, practice vigilance. Even if you roll your eyes, not literally. Even if you are busy doing something in your life, you should not forget to be alert about the world around you. There is so much to learn from people, situations, and surroundings in this world. However, “we can only learn when we are alert”.

People who are not alert misses good opportunities of life. Alert people with average skills can grab good opportunities. So, learn to be alert every time like dog.

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Less food

Students who want to acquire knowledge or who are hungry for education should eat less or less. This does not mean eating less. There is a wide variety of food available around us today. For example, there is food for your tongue, this is food. Listening to songs, music, talking is food for your ears. The sight for your eyes, the different people, the beautiful bird’s eye view is the food. In short, for each of our senses, there is a diet.

The verse says that the student should be on a short diet, which means that we should be very careful about the diet that we give to our senses. Because, whatever food we give to our senses or senses, they make a deep impression on our mind and the internal systems of our body. Samskaras are the impressions made on our minds by the senses. We do a lot of rites through our senses . Such rites that are not erased are imprinted on our mind.

So when we talk about snacks, it means that we have to be careful in choosing the food that is given to the senses and the things that fill the space of our mind. Never allow yourself to succumb to the unwanted things of the world around you, which will occupy your precious mind. Don’t take unwanted, less valuable, and less important things. Reserve some space of your mind for important and valuable things.

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Leave Home

In ancient India, students would leave their homes at an early age and go to a school known as a gurukula to study under a teacher or guru.

Home abandonment means leaving home for education, pursuing knowledge. In the real sense of the word, homelessness is not about leaving home, it means whether you live in a comfort zone or not. If you live comfortably in your home, your home is a comfort zone for you. If you live in your comfort zone, there is no question of pursuing what is really important to you. So homelessness means getting out of your comfort zone or comfort zone. Until you step out of your comfort zone you will not know where you are, where you are falling short.

Leaving home in early age will make you independent. Everyone should learn to work independently.

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These five things are very important for each student. It’s a little painful, but you don’t know the value of happiness without suffering. 

I hope this article will help students to excel them in their life. Most important thing is to implement these all things in your life. Life is short. Students need to learn different skills in in their school life.

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Author of this article is “Pranav Divekar”.

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