Short stories for Motivation

Today We will see some Short stories for Motivation during covid-19 lockdown. These stories will encourage you to see life with new perspective.

Story 1

The two brothers were fighting for the possession of the mother, keeping in mind the latent desire to take the place in her mother’s name. When I asked my mother, she said that I would go to the person who would tell me the names of my three pills in one fell swoop. Both brothers were embarrassed.

Story 2

The poor boy who had gone far away for education sent a letter to his mother in which he wrote, “I eat full meal everyday. Don’t worry “.The mother read the letter and skipped a one-time meal because at the end of the letter the child’s tears had spilled ink.

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Story 3

When grandson took grandfather’s stick with his hand, people said, “Grandpa will fall , won’t he?”

Grandpa smiled and said, “No way I have two sticks.”

Short stories for Motivation

Story 4

The guards put a stick on the back of the children who were stealing mangoes from the mango tree and tied them to the tree for a while as a scare. Who knows why ? but after that Tree never gave a mangoes again.

Story 5

When she came out of the office, she saw that dad had pressed her grandmother’s feet and applied oil on Dads’s back without telling her grandchildren. She said, “God bless you.”

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Story 6

When the father left and the brothers shared the property, the sister took the old mother to her house and said, “I am very lucky, I have a lot of life.”

Story 7

Yesterday my son told me “Dad, I will never leave you because you have never left my grandparents.” I felt like I was honored with ancestral property.

Story 8

Her husband’s friend came to visit him in the hospital today .He was very ill. He gave wallet of Rs.5000
She felt that all good work paid off in difficult times.

Story 9

She wanted to have a meal today. She left the office.but it would be too late to go home and her mother-in-law wanted to go to the temple, so she rushed home. mother-in-law cooked all her favourite meal today.

Story 10

At three o’clock in the evening, Sumatibai was sitting with God with a rosary. Just then the boy came home from work. Next came the scent of coconut. He still wiped his eyes, thinking that his daughter-in-law’s hair was full. After chanting for a while, they open their eyes and see what a handful of coconut flowers were waiting for their child Krishna. Her cousin was hidden there. God Kanha was smiling in the temple.

There are so many negative thoughts going on right now that people are losing faith in human goodness.
There is a real need to spread such positive story and their maximum.
Not everything in the world is so bad.
This world is beautiful because there are more good people than bad people.

Do you like these Short stories for Motivation?

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