Employment for people in Maharashtra

In this article,We will discuss about Employment for people in Maharashtra because of COVID-19.Many people lost jobs because of pandemic.People born in Maharashtra have no job, they come from outside and work.

Current situation-

People outside of Maharashtra  ran away in pandemic to their native states.
Let’s start planning now, what business can we start now-

1) Drive a taxi

2) Iron clothes

3) You can do color work, POP work, furniture (there is a lot of money in this, the contractors on the site go by cool high end car, their workers have a salary of 500-1500 per day, it depends on their skill

4)You can sell Panipuri (there is a lot of money in it)

5) Kutchi Dabeli

6)You can sell Vadapav,

7)You can sell sandwiches(One handcart owner – sells at least 100 plates per day x Rs.15 = 1500, minimum 50% margin = 750 x 30 = Rs.22500 per month pocket)

Remember this is the least.

By the way, some people sell 500-500 plates every day.
Selling Vadapav is not a simple task,
Pune has a history of Income Tax raids on Vadapav’s vehicles. Do you know?

You can sell fruits, vegetables, lemon water, curry leaves, buttermilk, whey, papad, pickles, leaves.

You can make a lot of money if you want.

Now Kalyan Bhelwala in Pune, used to say that there was a Bhel cart on the road in the past, but by giving quality, there are so many AC franchises in Bhel today. Have you even thought about at least 400 sq.ft. AC Bhel Restaurant ?

Mankar dosa wale opened shop everywhere

What to talk about Yevle tea,Chitale’s franchise? Bedekar Misal, Shrikrishna Misal, Katakir Misal are very famous now.The mixture is eaten wherever you likes the taste.Desai mango is best fruit seller in Pune

These are all Marathi people, aren’t they? All of them who have grown up from a young age have not got anything. He did not sit idly by as someone would come to his help. He got up on his own, set a goal, worked hard, managed money properly, invested money in a proper business and added money …

Followed only three rules



3)Mouth Publicity

What you can do?-

Success doesn’t come immediately, it takes time.

Success in one night ends immediately, but success over time lasts forever.Don’t sit around giving reasons. The biggest drawback of our people is to spend time doing Dada, Tai Saheb, Bhau, Anna behind the leaders.

If people come from outside and work for you and make money, do you fall short somewhere?
Why spend time pulling each other’s legs instead of working hard?We consider rubbish behaviour, we brag, we don’t keep transactions properly, phones are switched off, there is no commitment.

You will not pay tax, I am saying again and again. If you do not pay tax  then  bankers will not give business Loan. Strengthen your file and Save more.

Use 80-20 formula per month for cost. 20% of the monthly income must be saved and 80% is to be used for house expenses, light phone bills and other expenses.Don’t be shy when saving money …

If this changes, something will happen, there will be no time to spread hands.

Now is the chance to get a job.There is no such thing as a recession again, no matter how much the recession slows down, people do not stop eating,They do not stop taking essentials

Success will come when you know that you are responsible for your failure.Don’t blame others for your failure forever, this is not a school. Try to make your own line bigger by stopping the tendency of pulling each other’s legs, make a specialty of yourself.

If you create your own place, then you will become rich.Learn to speak politely and sweetly and learn to speak clearly rather than temporarily appeasing people or temporarily filling your pockets with lies. Customers prefer clear spoken shopkeepers.

Take advantage of the opportunity,
No one will come to help,
Don’t be shy
Success is yours.

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Author of this article is “Pranav Divekar”.

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