Marriage in 21st century

Marriage in 21st century has become difficult not only for boys and girls to get survive. The reasons are following-

Changing mindset

The idea that temperaments are different, if you feel that you don’t get along with each other, then be different is taking root.

Social change

Today girls are highly educated. They are financially independent. Now that I’m capable, why should I tolerate it, the girls say.

Changing Lifestyle

Excessive use of social media is creating a rift in relationships. The expectations of the younger generation about each other are changing. Everyone wants freedom, so there is no willingness to change.

Less dialogue

Due to constant use of TV, Mobile,WhatsApp, the communication between husband and wife has decreased.

Parental intervention

The girl’s parents interfere in the girl’s house so that she gets everything she wants. And the parents constantly take care of the boy in his family so that he does not get away from them after marriage.


Since both husband and wife are highly educated, financially capable, the ego of listening to someone, changing the front, I will not change creates tension in the relationship.


Free Communication

Husbands and wives need to appreciate and appreciate each other.

Avoid competition

Husbands and wives should avoid competition with each other. “You have not spoken well to my parents and relatives. Now I will not treat your parents and relatives well.

Important to accept:

You should consider whether you can accept him with minor differences and faults. Even if you do not get a mate as expected.

Preparing to make changes:

You need to be aware of the responsibilities that come with being married. Be prepare to fulfill them.

Preparing for a compromise

Arguments happen in any couple.But it is up to you to decide how much tension you want. If we accept the role of compromise without escalating the dispute, these disputes will not go to an end.

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