Price of Ignoring the work of Scientists in the World

Today,We are paying Price of Ignoring the work of Scientists in the World. Scientist doing Research in basic science do not get recognition for their work.

During a TV interview with the head of a virus research institute in the United States, he was asked, “It’s been six months since the corona virus came out and why hasn’t a drug or vaccine been released yet?”. He replied that in the history of your TV, we have seen you today, your beloved politicians, players, Hollywood stars sitting in the house, you care about them very much, sitting in their house has reduced your business. We will do our job just like us, nothing will happen overnight. The Spanish researcher was asked the same question, the answer was to think, ‘You pay players, movie stars in crores for a day or night, and you ask researchers who earn a few thousand a month, why don’t you take a vaccine on the corona virus overnight ?

Today’s situation

Not to mention our situation, one national TV channel called ‘Adnan Sami’ and another channel called ‘Kapil Dev’ for discussion as an expert on corona virus, all day long TV people were praising him. In such a country one night medicine or vaccine will be ready.

We want our children to be cricketers, TV stars, engineers / doctors, they have a place in this society. Doing BSc, BA, MSc, PhD means wasting one’s career. This mentality is not only of the society but also of the professors who teach it. But the fact is that only 90% of the basic researchers (with BSc, MSc, PhD degree) from space research to drug or vaccine on corona virus are. So many researchers around us are quietly doing research on different topics without any publicity. You never pay attention to them, the media doesn’t value them because they don’t have glamor.

People don’t even know that there are institutes / universities in India doing basic research in many subjects except ISRO. The only government research institute in India that conducts research on viruses is in Pune. 99% of the people in Pune may not even know it. 12 countries in the world plays cricket. If your ranking go up / down by number 1, the speculations starts in all countries. But you don’t know how many numbers we have in research in 195 countries.

Hollywood fans made Film Ramanujan. It is the reality of researchers in India. Since 2005, more than 50% of the world’s basic research institutes have been shut down, some of which were looking for corona virus vaccines or vaccines. This is what is costing the world today.

Maybe in a few days the coronavirus will be ready. People will forget about the researchers. History is telling us that if we ignore the basic research today then Stronger virus / bacteria will come in the future.

Dr. Nanaso Thorat, Marie Curie Fellow (Research Scientist), European Commission gave a speech.This article is based on their speech.

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Author of this article is “Pranav Divekar”.

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