Story of newly married Couple

In this article ,We will see story of Story of newly married Couple. Couple went on honeymoon.You would definitely like this story.

A couple goes to a hill station for their honeymoon after marriage. While getting on the bus, it suddenly occurs to the husband that we should get off here and go for a walk while enjoying the beautiful nature. When this thought comes to his mind, he gets off the bus with his wife. Seeing that many passengers in the bus die on the spot and some are seriously injured, the husband immediately says to his wife .Whether you get well or not, you know what would have happened to you today! ‘I heard this, but she said with tears in her eyes.

If you hadn’t stopped the bus to get off, maybe the bus would have gone ahead at the moment when the pain subsided . you wanted to get off so the bus stopped for a while and it was time for the pain to collapse and the bus to leave How much better it would have been if we hadn’t landed last time .

There is a great need for people with this second way of thinking nowadays. Everybody thinks for themselves these days, `If we survive or not !  But no one realizes that one of our actions can save the lives of many people. They happen but after they happen then we realize that maybe we could have changed this event . If we want to change the terrible future created by the current situation we have to do one thing .
Think of everyone without thinking for yourself and for that
1) Sit at home
2) Exit only if there is no cure
3) Take care of yourself and alternatively keep everyone you come in contact with safe


Remember this battle is to be fought with cooperation. Your cooperation can change the future.

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