Story of RJ Raghav of Kanpur City

Toady we will see Story of RJ Raghav of Kanpur City on Radio City 91.1 FM. I have been listening to Radio City for the last few years. Raghav is the RJ of Kanpur City on Radio City 91.1 FM. One viral video made him star singer in all over India. I was listening there the same week as the video went viral.When I went to the office,Everyone was talking about RJ Raghav and his viral video. 

On arrival, there was a pointless discussion on the only topic, Stuntman Raghav and his viral video. I had to listen to everything when I didn’t want to.I felt that Raghav would get a Lifetime Achievement Award. 

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Popularity of RJ Raghav

People and media reached out to Raghav’s family , relatives , colleagues , neighbors .They started showing them on their respective pages on channels or live. Raghav was the only topic of discussion in Kanpur , Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh.

That one video made him so popular that he surpassed all other RJ’s in the radio world. This video was particularly famous in Gujarat . Because all the RJ’s there are constantly uploading something on social media to increase their followers or retain the people they have. But the math changed overnight. And Raghav became like an uncrowned emperor in the digital world. His followers went from 5-7 thousand to 35-40 thousand. RJ Naved has also become famous because of his viral video. RJ Abhinav is also famous for prank videos, rants, humorous videos.

Of course, the trolls weren’t far behind. They started trolling. But I didn’t have time to look at them or the ticks and the compliments. It started all over India. People started reacting to his video. One person has revived his video and passed some sarcastic comments.

Everyone was literally mad to increase his own popularity by bringing Raghav in his show. This fame and popularity surprised RJ Raghav  because he had no idea that he could become so popular in such a short period of time. Some famous news channels interviewed Raghav .They asked his questions about his video and his personal experience regarding video & opinions . 

Topic of Video

Video was about the video “Mana anjan hai tu mere vasate.” Raghav was also singing a song. His voice was so sweet. People gave nice comments on that video and many people liked that video. Some suggested him to become a singer. 

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Raghav was to be suspended

The management of Radio City decided to suspend RJ Raghav . And just 10 days before the incident, the viral video came to light and its suspension was averted forever. He got various awards at the internal level and by many private organizations in Kanpur.

Seeing this, I had some questions.

1 Was this video really that important?

2 What’s in it for the world to go crazy ?

3  what is  popular content nowadays?

4 Are your definitions of popularity changing?

5 Are we forgetting good or quality things?

And last importantly

6 Is this a symbol of our being stuck in a virtual world?

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We have to solve this question thoughtfully. Otherwise, we will get stuck in a strange mentality and situation in a few years from which it will be very difficult to get out or maybe it will become impossible.

Tell me what do you think about Viral Videos of people ? Do you have seen any viral video story?

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Author of this article is “Pranav Divekar”.