5 year old small boy want to buy God for his father

In this article we will see story of 5 year old small boy want to buy God for his father.This story will change your perspective to see towards life.

Will God be bought?

Small boy finding God

A five-year-old boy went to a grocery store with a rupee in his hand and stood up.The shopkeeper asked the boy, “What do you want, baby?”The boy asked the shopkeeper,Will God Meet You in Your Shop?

Hearing this, the shopkeeper became angry and shouted at the boy. The boy was kicked out of the shop.The boy walked 40 shops doing the second, third, fourth, fifth.

Go in front of every shop and ask one question, will God meet in your shop?

Finally, in the last shop, an old grandfather was sitting in the shop. Seeing them, this little boy asked, “Dad, will God meet you in your shop?”

The grandfather asked, “Baby, how much money do you have?”

Boy want to buy God

The boy said frankly, “I have one rupee.” They approached the boy and asked, “Baby, why do you want God?” What will you do with God? The boy was very happy to hear such a question. Dad asks if there is going to be a god in his shop.

I have no one in this world but my mother. Every day my mother goes to work and brings me food. But since yesterday she has been admitted to the hospital. If my mother dies tomorrow, who will feed me?
The doctor said that now only God can save your mother. So Dad I am looking for God. Is there a god in your shop?

The shopkeeper asked the boy, “How much money do you have?”

Just one rupee. Well, don’t worry. God will meet even for a rupee!

The shopkeeper took one rupee and handed a glass of filtered water to the boy and said take this water and give it to your mother. If you give this water to drink, your mother will be fine. The next day the specialist doctor came to the hospital and the mother underwent surgery. In a few days she was fine.

On the day of discharge, the woman was shocked to see the hospital bill! But the doctor said patiently. Don’t worry. An elderly person has paid all the bills and kept a note with him.As soon as you open the letter – don’t thank me,
The Lord saved you.I was just an excuse.If you want to thank, give it to your little ignorant baby, who was walking around looking for God with 1 rupee.

This is Faith.

You don’t have to donate crores of rupees to find God! Shraddha, Bhav, Vishwas, even if it is one rupee, this God is definitely available.

Meaning –

Bhakti is simple, naive, just devotion from the heart, remembering the name, the fact is that God comes and helps in one form or another.

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Author of this article is “Pranav Divekar”.

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