Life story of famous Bollywood filmstar Amitabh bachchan

In this article,We will see Life story of famous Bollywood filmstar Amitabh bachchan.He is very popular and active on social media.Around 1995, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan started a corporate company called ABCL. Miss world mismanaged and ABCl went bankrupt and these companies got bank loans. And if Amitabh Bachchan leaves the name, then Amitji is in debt. Amitji experienced such a terrible situation that many people will have to face after covid 19 in 1995/96.

How Mr. Bachchan Restructured Himself ?

1) Actually Amitji was a great screen hero and superhero but he first left Ego and went to meet Yash Chopra at Yashraj Bungalow in the front street. And requested to be given the opportunity to work in the film. He signed Amitji for love and decided to play the role according to his age. Realizing that your prime is over, I started making characters that would suit my age. The first step in restructuring.

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2) Change your medium.

Amitji changed his medium when the Khan Congregation was established. The economy was opened in 1992 and its good results started appearing around 2000 and private channels were introduced to him and at that time Amitji decided to change his medium and do KBC on Star Plus. KBC was a super duper hit. Amitji reached home and reached a different height. He paid off all his debts and restructured himself through new means.

In short, without expecting a big screen, he filled the small “Anchoring” space on the small screen and restored himself financially.In short, you can change the medium of business too, but if that is not possible, then Tiny should do the same thing. Do small tiny projects.

3) As I said above, the good results of 2000 open economy were starting to show. Mr. Amitji started endrose advertising products. Cadbury, Pespi, Navratan, became the brand ambassador of many such products. Where the one-time superhero of the film did not keep the ego, the products of a good company opened up and this created many options for Amitji. The second name of the trust was Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Trust is the largest selling point in the world. Amitji proved it. Cadbury’s lost credibility came back only because of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. In the last 20 years, the medium of advertising has restructured itself.

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Can mr. Bachchan’s strategy applicable to post covid – 19 ?

Yes, surely. We have been in lockdown since March 22nd. One thing we all know and that is that if we leave out the educational and medical expenses, we can stay at home without any worries.
“You don’t need much money to live a simple life.” but that doesn’t mean people should stop thinking big. No, we can still do the big things by changing our mediums. Now you have to put yourself on “survival mod” without taking any undue risk. As Amitji would have put himself in the “character actor” mode. I mean, if you put it on “survival mod” and it doesn’t just go away, then the leap they made became a “huge leap” …

Survival mode, think of time being basics .. Covid 19 has taken us back to basics .. Now we have to survive in this situation . There will be situations in some places where we will not have to do it again. But once we have settled on this survived mode, then we know the next journey. If Mr. Amitji went to see me at that time without keeping the appearance of a superhero, then Mr. Amitji continued to do whatever good work he could get. No opportunity was wasted. At that time, I did brand endorsements of good products across survival mode, because they had to survive first. It happened. . Does that mean big things and big dreams? .. Definitely worth a look but it is very important to survive first.
The signal is red, it will be orange and then it will be green.

The good times of economy are coming 100%, only today we have to read in this covid-19. I want to show some tolerance and patience. Then opportunity is opportunity and everyone should see how you get every opportunity .. Amitji took every opportunity that came. If you catch small brands then Amitji was endorseing 15/20 brands at that time … you also have to take advantage of every opportunity that comes .. The fact that the US / EU is looking at India as an alternative to China means that the “train of opportunity” is coming to us. Let’s survive first and then seize the opportunities that appear.

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