Story of Sir Ratan Tata

Today we will see Story of Industrialist Sir Ratan Tata .You might have heard many stories of chairperson of Tata Empire. This is the story of a famous and popular industrialist of India.

One day, this industrialist was getting ready in the morning and going to work. At that moment, the landlord came and stood in front of him.” How did you come today? “The industrialist asked the man. The landlord is standing. The house owner said,” I came here to collect the rent of the house. You send it every month. This time it seems to be a mess of work”.

Story of Industrialist Sir Ratan Tata

The industrialist said,” Take your rent. For being late, Excuse me”. After saying this, the industrialist put his hand in his pocket and took out the money. The landlord said to the industrialist, “I am surprised that you are such a big industrialist and live in a rented house.” The industrialist smiled andSaid, “How I am is more important than who I am.

For some personal reason, I live in a rented house. “The landlord didn’t understand. He took the rent and left.The driver of the businessman was watching the incident. The businessman got in the car and went to an airline office to get a ticket for his trip abroad. There was a lot of crowd. The businessman stood in line like a common man, at which point some of the airline staff saw him, he hurried forward and said, “Sir, why are you standing in line? We will take your ticket and bring it to you. You sit comfortably on the front sofa. You are such a big businessman, in line.” Don’t embarrass us by standing up.

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Reaction of Sir Ratan tata

The industrialist said politely, “I am not an industrialist right now. You don’t have to rush so much. An industrialist is an adjective in front of my name. How am I more than who I am? It’s more important. The airline staff was shocked to hear this answer. The industrialist went to his office and saw many people running towards his office on the road. He was ashamed that we were traveling alone in such a luxury car. The industrialists were satisfied.

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Incident with Air hostess

On the day the businessman set out on a trip abroad, another incident took place. The air hostess accidentally dropped the drink on her body. So she got scared. She brought water and clothes.Then she cleaned his dress. Since she knew them, she always apologized to them. She was afraid that she would get punishment for this mistake of dropping water. The businessman looked at her and asked, “What did you spill on me?” The air hostess said in fear, “I spilled fruit juice on your clothes, forgive me.” The businessman laughed. He said, ” I would be happy , If Next time you drop Vodka or Wine.

The air hostess laughed heartily when she heard the bulls and industrialists talking. All the stress on her mind went away in an instant.

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Incidents with Driver of Ratan tata

The driver of the industrialist saw and heard many such incidents. His curiosity was piqued. He said to the industrialists, “Sir, how can you be so simple? We are half yellow. You are such a big industrialist and how simple do you live ?.
The businessman said, “Oh, I was very rebellious when I was young. I had a maid to take care of me. Once when something went wrong against my will, I kicked her. His father angrily said , “It doesn’t matter who you are. But how you behave with others is very important. “Remember my words for the rest of your life.

Since then, I have remembered my father’s words. I’m convinced that, It doesn’t really matter who we are. Your price depends on how you are. All the great men in the world have become simple. The name of this great * the industrialist was Ratan Tata. Indeed, the highest in the world After becoming human, they are very simple to speak and act without any complications. In fact, it is difficult to be simple.

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