Recently I watched a very good web series called Aspirants. Today,  We will see Aspirants web series Review. You must see this web series If you are planning to prepare for the UPSC exam. 3 friends named Abhilash sharma, Shwetketu aka SK sir and Guri. The story is about a UPSC journey  past & present time of 3 friends. Where the past is about study ,hard work ,love ,friendship and drama behind the UPSC CSE preparation. They live in Old Rajinder Nagar  in Delhi. While the present talks about the current life of 3 friends. Every UPSC CSE aspirant will relate their journey to web series.

TVF launched this web series. This web series has five episodes .Each episode is about 45 minutes. You can see trailer of this web series.

What is an aspirants web series about?

In the beginning we will meet three friends who are preparing for the UPSC exam.They are taking coaching classes in Rajendra Nagar of ​​Delhi. They dream of passing UPSC and becoming IAS officers. All three friends are come from different financial backgrounds. All are friends from childhood. Abhilash left job to prepare for UPSC exam.SK is from a middle class family.Guri is from a very rich family and his father is a landlord in a village. The struggle of your room, the dreams, the anxiety of the exam and service to the country. There are some other characters named as dhairya,sandeep bhaiya, walia uncle and aunty along with 3 main characters.

All three friends dream of becoming IAS. But only Abhilash becomes successful. He joins India civil services. SK became a teacher & Guri became Businessman.Life of all 3 friends have changed dramatically in 8 years. You must watch this web series on Youtube to know more about this journey to clear the UPSC exam and become an IAS officer.

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Why This web series become so Popular?

This web series has a very good story ,the characters are natural and relatable. Acting is superb. Some emotional scenes will definitely touch your heart. Perspective. Upsc aspirants can relate this web series to their real life. All shoots are taken from delhi. 

Sandeep Bhaiya is a famous character. He has very good dialogues. he guides abhilash as a senior in UPSC preparation. Dhairya is a very good girlfriend. She is passionate about becoming a social worker. She has a different approach to see towards life. Walia Uncle is a comedy landlord. He is punjabi and he has a positive attitude towards any problem in life.

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What is in upcoming season 2 ?

There are some questions that remain not answered in the 1st season .How dhairya and guri met is mistry. What Abhilash has done after failure in the UPSC exam ?. How did SK sir become a teacher ?. 

But dont worry. Season 2 is expected in 2022. We will get all answers in 2022. This web series got 9 IMDB rating in best shows. This web series is one of the best web series in 2021. You can watch whole season 1 in 5 hours.

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Actors: Naveen Kasturia as Abhilash , Shivankit Singh Parihar in role of Guri , Abhilash as SK sir, Sunny Hinduja as sandeep bhaiya , Namita Dubey as dhairya .

Apoorva Singh is director of web series.

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