Special letter on Senior Citizens Day

Today here is letter on Senior Citizens Day.I wish all the senior citizens of the group a prosperous and happy life.Senior citizens need to take care.

A study report in the United States found that 51℅ senior citizens are injured when they fall while climbing stairs, thus many senior citizens die in accidents while climbing stairs.

Expert instructions-

The following 10 actions should be avoided.

  1. Do not climb, if necessary, hold the support pipe tightly
  2. Do not rotate your head at speed, warm up your whole body first.
  3. Do not try to touch the legs by bending your body. Warm up the whole body first.
  4. Sit and wear your pajamas without standing up.
  5. When waking up from sleep, do not get up with your face in front, but get up on the left or right side.
  6. Do not turn your body before exercise. Warm up your body first.
  7. Do not turn upside down as it can cause serious injury.
  8. Do not bend down and lift heavy objects, first bend at the knees and then lift.
  9. When waking up from sleep, do not get up fast, first sit quietly for a few minutes and then get up.
  10. Don’t push the sand, let it be natural. More importantly, always be proactive and keep positive thoughts because now is the time to live a happy life after a lifetime of hard work.

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How to spend time ?

Stay in touch with friends, spend time with your friends.Life is limited and when life comes to an end, nothing here can be taken with you.So why be so frugal in life? It is necessary to spend it, you must do the things that make you happy.

Don’t worry about what will happen after you leave. Time Gone are the days of enjoying life and hard earned money !

Don’t worry too much about your children. Let them choose their own path. Let your own future be shaped. Don’t be enslaved to their desires and dreams.Love children.Take care of them.Give them gifts. But spend some on your own choices.Also remember that from birth to death, there is no life.

Gone are the days of making money by taking care of your health. You do not have the permission required to post.At this age everyone has two important questions. When to stop making money and how much money will suffice you.No matter how many acres of fertile farmland you have, how much food do you need every day? Even if you have several houses, one room is enough to sleep at night!

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Be Happy

If one day goes by without happiness, you have lost one day in life. If one day goes by happily, remember that you have gained one day in life.Another thing is that if you have a good nature, you will be cured of your illness and if you are always cheerful, you will not get sick.The most important thing is to look around for the best, the best. Take care of it And yes, never forget your friends, take care of them, if you get it, you will always be young in mind and others will want it too.

For that, stay in touch through WhatsApp every day, smile, keep smiling, give free appreciation. Love is sweet.Anger is dangerous. Bury it. Disasters are fleeting. Face them.

We will all get out of this difficult situation now by defeating Corona.Take care of yourself, stay home and be safe.Even if you are not a senior citizen, tell or send this message to all senior citizens.

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